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Why Join IIMM


Why Join IIMM

IIMM offers membership to professionals and businesses throughout India. Becoming a member of the Institute demonstrates high standards and commitment to excellence in the field of Supply Chain Management and provides professionals with access to a vibrant community and a range of benefits.

Once you join IIMM, you will get guidance to assist you in :

  • Carrying out your professional duties
  • Develop your knowledge and keep abreast of current trends
  • Get to know other practitioners in the SCM field
  • Participate in professional events
  • Receive regular communication on industry developments
  • Network with colleagues at your local branch of IIMM and rub shoulders with top CPOs and CEOs in the special forums created by the Branch Executive Committee.

Enrolling as an IIMM Member offers various opportunities for displaying the knowledge in various several professional contests including debates, quizzes, IIMM Idol, essay writing competition and Best Materials Manager Contest, which are highly rated for professional excellence.

Benefits of Individual Membership

The unique membership package includes…The unique membership package includes…

Member directory – Create your own profile on the member directory and network with other supply chain professionals around the country.

Exclusive forums – Discuss your experiences and share advice with other members on the exclusive members supply chain forum through Free professional lectures from experts in the field.

Newsletter – Monthly members newsletter with all of the latest supply chain management and materials management news.

Materials Manager Review (MMR). A monthly magazine free for members which contains professional divs on Materials and Supply Chain Management and the latest trends and best practices in the field contributed by academicians and Industry experts.

Invitation and registration discounts – to attend professional conferences conducted by IIMM including NATCOM, SPECTRUM (IIMM Chennai), SCALE (IIMM Bangalore), DISHA (IIMM Mumbai) etc., where participants share knowledge, best practices, and the latest cost-saving, performance-enhancing techniques.

IIMM has different membership grades depending upon the performance and experience of individuals. These include Fellow Member, Distinguish Member, which are being considered by the Government of India for Member Certification program and Vendor Certifying programs.

Being a member of IIMM is an industry recognition among the functionaries of Materials Management and Supply Chain Management.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Become a corporate member and receive a range of benefits to both support and promote your business in the supply chain sector across the country.

The member packages include:

Business directory – Create a business profile on the business directory to promote your company globally to other members and demonstrate your commitment to supply chain excellence.

Free job advertising – Advertise your job vacancies to members.

Free individual membership - for up to 2 employees and get all the benefits of individual membership listed above.

Newsletter – Monthly members newsletter with all of the latest supply chain management and materials management news.

Utilize IIMM - Education and Consulting at discounted rates.

Events – Participate in Industry specific programs and MSME events.